eBuddy Messenger

Welcome To eBuddy Messenger Fan Community!

eBuddy is a cool instant messenger app that supports multiple instant messaging services. What does it mean? That you can stay in touch with all of your friends and chat, SMS or even video talk with them regardless of what instant messenger they have, because eBuddy integrates virtually all existing messenger out there, all-into-one messenger!

Get eBuddy Messenger!

With eBuddy you do more than just talk to people. Keeping in touch is hard in our everyday life, and it’s difficult to find the time to talk and chat with your friends, especially off-shore. John has a Myspace account, Sandy has GoogleTalk and Randy has AIM, what a drag! Do i really need to make accounts in all the instant messengers out there and talk to my friends one at the time?!

Well…you don’t have to, because you can use eBuddy Messenger! eBuddy supports Yahoo messenger, ICQ, Google Talk, MySpace, Windows Live Messenger (MSN), Hyves, AIM & Facebook! If you are a fan 0f IM, Stay on top of everything easily with eBuddy! Make your life easier, and keep in touch with your friends and meet new ones!

eBuddy XMS

The newest, next generation eBuddy messenger – XMS (it’s more than SMS!) anyone you want, in any way you want to, as much as you want to! with eBuddy XMS you can send real time messages to all Smartphones, and include with images, special text, video and more! XMS is the SMS of the future!

eBuddy Messengers – which one is best for you?

eBuddy Web Messenger

The Web Messenger requires only two things to work, an active internet connection and a web browser. That’s it – no need to install any additional software to run. The eBuddy Web Messenger is a free browser based version that is suited for PC and Mac, or people without Smartphones (yes, there are several of them out there, an extincting breed!). The Web Messenger is essentially eBuddy On PC, an all-inclusive IM Messenger online!

eBuddy Mobile Messenger

eBuddy Mobile Messenger is a Java based messenger for Mobile phones which you can use to talk and converse with your friends. This version allows you to access cool features such as placing an avatar, sending all kinds of images into the chat box and receive offline messages. This Mobile version is downloaded and used as an app, but has other merits such as receiving offline messages from friends, nudges and more! The Mobile Messenger version is installed as an app, and it takes very little of the battery usage!

eBuddy Lite

eBuddy Lite is the version suited for the different iOS devices, iPod, iPad and iPhone. It is very similar to the Web version, and in the more recent updates it was designed to be more suited to the iPhone and iPod Touch. A truly one-of-a-kind app for your iOS!

eBuddy for Android

The eBuddy Android version is an app designed specifically for Android Smartphone owners. It is virtually the same IM Messenger, but there are included features and preferences to best suit the Android operating system, such as sound support, buzzers, status bar and different types of vibrations to match the Android spirit!

eBuddy for Nokia

This eBuddy Version hit the market on 2010, and was released especially for Nokia’s Ovi Store. If you have a Nokia Smartphone that go with this eBuddy IM version, and join it’s large community!

eBuddy ID

eBuddy ID allows users to log in to eBuddy via multiple IM accounts, which makes it that much easier to access the various eBuddy networks. eBuddy ID also lets you activate exclusive features such as the Webcam chat and more!